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You can adac comment on the blog, send me e-mail at [email protected], rabatt or tweet.
Download it ubup here or visit the GitHub page.For my swedish readers, I encourage you to go to and rabatt sign in rabatt using Facebook to see your recommendations (or if you don't use Facebook you could also check out the public pages for evenemang Stockholm, evenemang Göteborg, evenemang Malmö, evenemang Uppsala or some other.They're also solving their own problem, since they are arranging the very promising conference Nordic JS Ted Valentin, who has started Knackeriet, and who is my co-founder for, has started a bunch of swedish sites like Populära Museer, Populära Barer, codes and more.Find out what's happening in your city or neighbourhood Anyone (both members and non-members) can rabatt check out everything that's happening in a certain place.Events that are liked are also collected under the "My Events" page.Consulting I also did some consulting last rabatt year.At the end of summer I released a swedish version of What is my ZIP called timed out The solution is to catch this other ubisoft exception, thrown by python's socket lib, as well: import urllib2 import socket try: response m None,.5) except urlerror, e: print "Oops, timed out?" except socket.Then we analyze the words mcfit that are used in these comments and display the words that are the most disproportionally used to comment photos of women compared to men, and vice verse.Use render_to decorator instead of render_to_response This decorator is found in the app django annoying, and is a very nice shortcut rabatt for declaring what template a view should render.Liking events Users can "Like" events on Heyevent in order to teach the system what stuff they're into, in order to further improve the recommendations.Usually this is when I'm at the office, visiting my parents, or similar, and I'm about to order something. Our aim with this site is to rabatte have the largest collection rabatte of the world's boutique hotels, and to give a far better experience when searching for boutique hotels than any other rabatte site out there.
Open Source frühbucher projects tuning Leaflet UserMarker GeolocationThrottle While making, I frühbucher developed two small JS libraries that I've open sourced.
Hopefully, I will be be open sourcing some of the website's code through some JS/Python libs.
However this isn't supported by Django be default.
Comments june 18, 2010 tags: web, Ever since the rise of twitter, when URL shortening services got an extremely big popularity boost because twitter chose to shorten frühbucher their URLs for technical reasons while ignoring user experience, the web has been polluted with shortened links.
UTF-8 # set up ruby env mkdir.ruby-gems export GEM_homepwd/.ruby-gems export pathpath:PWD/.ruby-gems/bin # install foreman gem install foreman.
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With it, you can create "longitude links" which you can share with people in order to see each others current geographic position.Weekly e-mail updates A user can subscribe to get weekly updates with personal recommendations of the most interesting frühbucher events in the upcoming week.Lastly, I just want to say that I think Heroku is a great service, and I don't mind paying for it at all, which I do for a few tyrwhitt larger projects that I host there.The result rabatt was Roni.It's shop nothing super fancy, but useful in development as it allows me to optionally specify the interface and port of the server.

While I rabatt was at it, I also made a site for seeing your current altitude as well as a ZIP code site for Canada postal codes.
Finally I found very nice template loader on djangosnippets.