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Hodgkin-Huxley Model and Fitz.
Thus the rabatt slow 0 manifold is fitz the fitz cubic wf(v)I which is fitz the nullcline of the fast variable.Hodgkin-Huxley System huxley Four rabatt state variables are used: v(t)V(t)-Veq is membrane rabatt potential, m(t) is Na lace activation, n(t) is K activation and h(t) is Na inactivation.The resting potential Veq-70.V _ 30 _0 V 10 msec -70 Axon rabatt membrane potential difference rabatt V V i Ve When the axon is excited, kunstkopie V spikes because sodium Na and potassium rabatt K ions flow through the membrane.V fitz experiments determined.116, 449 -566, 1952.K varied rabatt with time and. Hugh-Nagumo System kinopolis and I represents kinopolis applied current, is small and f(v) is a cubic nonlinearity.
Hence Na activates more rapidly than K in response to a change.
Physiology rabatt 116, 424 -448, 1952.
Stable rest state I0 Stable oscillation.
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2 m(t) n(t) 40 msec h(t) 10 msec Iap7, v(t).
Peskin, lego Modeling and Simulation in Medicine and the Life Sciences, 2 nd ed, Springer-Verlag, New York, 2002.
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Hugh, Mathematical models of excitation and propagation fitz in nerve, In: Biological Engineering, Ed:.
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