Ocean film tour rabatt flyer 2018

ocean film tour rabatt flyer 2018

Seid gespannt auf ocean das Programm der International ocean ocean film tour Volume 7!
Submit Now, water Sports, surfing, Kiteboarding, Windsurfing, Sailing, flyer Cliff Diving, Apnoea, Scuba Diving, Rowing, rabatt Long-distance Swimming, etc.
At the Ocean Film Festival Australia we film are actively searching rabatt for films covering topics including ocean küchen exploration, ocean related adventures, marine creatures, ocean related sports, ocean racing, coastal cultures, sailing, diving, rowing, rabatt free diving, surfing, oceanic environment, and ocean lovers.
Our tour vision rabatt is to inspire more people to explore, respect, enjoy, and protect rabatt our oceans.In Kürze findet ihr an dieser Stelle die Infos zu den neuen Filmen!To find out more information about the tour and royalties rabatt you can earn if your film is selected.This could include films on ocean rowing, sailing, ice diving, scuba diving, polar exploration etc. The deadline for submissions is November 2017.
Marine Wildlife/science rabatt Documentary, films 20 minutes or shorter that highlight mallorca marine wildlife and rabatt or films of flyer a scientific nature related to the ocean.
Submit Now, microspot add to List, dates Deadlines, categories Fees.
We are looking for a broad selection of films to fill a 2 rabatt hour program that will neuwagen tour Australia, Belgium, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China the UK and more in jahreskarte 2017.
Films 40 minutes to 60 minutes focusing on any aspect of the ocean rabatt including, but not limited to, ocean rabatt exploration, ocean adventure, marine creatures, ocean related sports, coastal cultures and ocean lovers.
Ocean lovers, meet the protagonists of the films - the International Ocean Film Tour proudly presents flyer the most inspiring Ocean Lovers of all times.Ocean exploration mallorca films are of special interest.Including, but not limited to, films that focus on and environmental cause, a positive environmental message, mercedes ocean ecosystems and ocean wildlife.Das vollständige Programm hat eine Gesamtlänge von rund 120 Minuten, zuzüglich rabatte einer Pause von.Mit Rahmenprogramm wie Moderation und Gewinnspiel dauert eine Veranstaltung insgesamt.Contact US, we prefer to receive submissions electronically via Film Freeway: If you would prefer to submit your film a different way, please.Submit Now, ocean Environment Documentary, films 20 minutes or shorter that highlight the ocean environment.We are searching for one long film (45mins to 60mins) and a number of short films (40 minutes and shorter) to make mallorca up our program.