Things 3 rabatt

Copy paste now also works great inside of Things.
Things 3 has been out for a while now and weve received rabatt lots of fantastic feedback thank you so much!
Better yet, try pasting multiple lines of text; a new to-do will be created for each row of text.I recently things switched jobs and have had to use PCs for work.Things URLs, which allow you to create to-dos in Things from outside the things app.Just like the Mac, iOS now allows you to change the layout of your Today list.Documents Projects 2017 UX August rabatt Research Reports Draft Presentation_v.17.For todays things release, we took a close look at all your suggestions things and revisited many areas of the app to polish.Here things are a few new tricks: Copy some text from another app, then switch things to Things and paste.Lets take a look at whats new.On rabatt the MacBook Pro, the Touch Bar is things now customizable. On your Mac, simply copy a rabatt project, nürnberg heading, or some to-dos and paste them into another list.
App-wide tag searches are now also rabatt broader.
Performance Improvements, large nürnberg Projects.
Control Option rabatt Space ).
Up to now, the yourbeef Logbook showed abbreviated dates for items far in the past.
When you search for a tag, you wont just see items with rabatt that tag, but also items with tags nested under.
Things is also smart when you paste multiple lines of yourbeef text into the title field of an existing to-do: the first row zalando of text lands in the title, and the rest is neatly tucked into the notes.
rabatt In rabatt the Upcoming list, weve also improved how we handle events that span across multiple days it will now show as an all-day item on each day of the event, rather than only on the day the event started.Weve also tweaked the layout in full screen mode (Mac added a Duplicate option for headings, and fixed numerous bugs.I/O Magic, its now much easier to get data into Things.These projects load much faster now, and working inside them is much snappier, especially on iOS.Collapsable Areas, collapsable areas has been one of our most requested features.X Project p, x p eyes_hairpack_p hair_add_p, tomays-hair npcs.Some users have projects which are far bigger than the average to the tune of 7,000 to-dos!